Saving Emails Locally

Saving Emails locally on your computer can help save space in your inbox. How do you manage storing emails with a email account that has a storage limit?  If you are using a POP email provider, from your own domain, you most likely have a storage limit. Unlike email providers like Google or Yahoo, POP […]

find the right keyword

Finding the Right Keywords

Finding the Right Keywords! This is the goal of anyone marketing a product, services or idea online. Finding the right keywords can speed up the viral effects of your marketing efforts, as it helps people find you. Being found online is a result of how well the searched keywords match the product, service or idea.  […]


Does a business really need a website?

Does a business really need a website? The quick answer is YES. At least in my opinion. These days many small business entrepreneurs are quick to offer up a facebook account or an instagram tag and even a twitter hashtag, to potential customer. This has recently been the new trend to share your business contact […]