Saving Emails Locally

Saving Emails locally on your computer can help save space in your inbox. How do you manage storing emails with a email account that has a storage limit?  If you are using a POP email provider, from your own domain, you most likely have a storage limit. Unlike email providers like Google or Yahoo, POP […]

Wired or Wireless Network

Wired or Wireless for my Home Network?

Having trouble deciding if you need Wired or Wireless for your Home Network? Or do you just go with what is the easiest? More than likely, if you like things easy, you will opt to just plug the network cable in and be done with it.


IT Support Howard County

Welcome to Wadadli Technology Consulting LLC. (WadadliTech) We are your local IT Support for Howard County & Baltimore County, Maryland. We provide IT Support remotely and on-site. For the small business and private home customers. Our support services include… Website Design and Hosting PC Setup and Maintenance support LAN Network setup (wired/wireless)   Use the links […]