Does a business really need a website?

Does a business really need a website? The quick answer is YES. At least in my opinion. These days many small business entrepreneurs are quick to offer up a facebook account or an instagram tag and even a twitter hashtag, to potential customer. This has recently been the new trend to share your business contact […]

How to Find Content for your Blog

How to Find Topics to Write about on your WordPress Website

Finding the Topics for your WordPress Website Topics Ok, you have a website and you need to create content for your Blog. Where do you find the content to write about? Here is one way to find content for your website. Google Alerts ! Google Alerts is a great way to select specific search terms […]

Got WordPress

What is WordPress and How does it Work?

WordPress is marketed as a platform for building dynamic website solutions. Dynamic simply means that data is live on the website while users are  interacting on the site. So a website owner can add content (pages, post, images) live without affecting existing viewers. Content is stored in a database, which allows for the dynamic feel […]